Our funding program continues: Applications shall be submitted until 15th April 2017 (postmark) or until 15th October 2017 (postmark). Please read all information on this page carefully – especially the additional information where links lead you to.

You may expect funding notice (if application is submitted until April 15th 2017) not before 20th June 2017. The project shall not be started before funding is formally granted. If you have questions regarding the application process, please contact Mrs Kohse via e-mail: franziska.kohse@mh-stiftung.de.

Within the framework of its Research and Education Program, the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld has supported numerous external projects with financial grants during the last years. Basic information on funding possibilities can be found here.

Logo-Gefoerdert_von_der_BMH-Negativ-RGB-468x312pxThe funding is decided on regarding the financial opportunities of the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld and the thematic priorities set by its bodies, according to the legal regulations and the Foundation’s purpose. There is no general claim on funding; that is there is no right of appeal.

The available amount of funding for 2017 was set by the Advisory Board on 13th February 2017 on the basis of the budget 2017. The amount depends on the predicted income from the Foundation’s asset management and the institutional funding granted by the federal government.

Please note that the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld does not provide funding for projects based outside of the Federal Republic of Germany. In order to receive funding, projects at least need a cooperation partner within Germany. Funding will not be transferred to foreign countries.

The total amount of previous funding for educational and research projects is presented in the following table. You can find more information on previously funded projects here (German).

Year Funds
2016 35.454,31 € in total (approved in 2015)
2015 65.180,51 € in total
2014 55.824,25 € in total
2013 67.047,00 € in total
2012 12.557,34 € in total
As of November 21th 2016

Information on funding

(NEWSLETTER 03-2017)

Thanks to the institutional funding from the federal budget, the Foundation is able to continue its funding program. Applications may be submitted until 15th April 2017 (postmark) or until 15th October 2017 (postmark). In 2017, the amount of 160,000 euros is available for funded projects.

In general, only projects meeting our Funding Regulations and the Principles for the Allocation of Foundation Funds for Research and Education (German) may be funded.

Application process:
Applications for funding may be submitted using the application form. Subsequently, applications are viewed by the Advisory Board. On the basis of the recommendations given by the Advisory Board, the Board of Trustees finally decides on funding. A project shall never be started before funding is formally granted by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld.